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A platform to deliver high-impact training for enterprise clients



After a successful marketing launch in 2015, JBarrows set out to refocus its product and service offerings. John Barrows was on the rise as a thought-leader, with his online presence growing and his public speaking engagements becoming more prominent. The business problem we faced was that John’s capacity for on-site sessions was limited, while the demand for his training continued to grow. Our challenge was to develop an interactive online training platform that would deliver John’s training with the same effectiveness and vigor he brings on-site.


I was the Lead UX Designer and Product Manager for this two-year project. I worked with John Barrows (Founder) and Chris Merrill (CRO) to manage an agile team of administrators and developers, taking this new product from conception to launch.


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To set the stage for our product, we started with education and conversation. Talking to John’s corporate clients helped us better understand the challenges that individual sales reps face on an everyday basis. We then went through an analysis of other online training providers and identified issues we hoped to improve upon. From this analysis and research, we established different user personas for our product. These helped us get a better sense of who were designing for, and allowed us to make informed decisions as we worked through different design, technology, and business challenges.

JB Persona 1.png
JB User Journey 1.png


Using the insights we gathered from our research, we began the ideation process with user stories and user flows. I then went on to create the information architecture and low-fidelity concepts for the primary use cases of our training platform. I shared these initial concepts through InVision, which allowed us to get something concrete in front of stakeholders and users for initial feedback. Once we had confidence in our design approach, I turned our concepts into high-fidelity mockups, which we presented as a complete InVision prototype. The videos below walk through our low-fi and high-fi prototypes in action.


Launch & Iterate

After signing off on the prototype, we moved forward with our developers to build an initial version of our product and prepare for a soft launch. I worked closely with our developers throughout the build phase to continually test and gather feedback from our first users. After our beta tests, we rolled out the platform to thousands of users from John’s book of corporate clients. I worked closely with the team to collaborate with our users, collect feedback, monitor support tickets, and iterate on elements of the product that were ripe for improvement.