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John Barrows is a world-class sales trainer. He’s worked with teams at some of the most recognizable software companies of the last decade, including Google, Salesforce, Box, and LinkedIn. In 2014, John was looking to grow his business in a rapidly changing industry. His vision would require a modern brand and a new growth-centered marketing strategy. Our team set out to transform the JBarrows brand and position the company as a leading digital resource for sales reps and growing companies around the world.


As Creative Director and Lead Designer for this project, I worked with John Barrows (Founder) and Chris Merrill (CRO) to manage a small agile team of administrators and developers, taking the project from discovery to launch.





During the discovery phase we established a focused set of priorities:

  1. Define John’s personal brand and accelerate his thought leadership

  2. Build a content engine that offers consistent value to John’s core audience

  3. Organize all services and assets into a simpler information hierarchy

  4. Establish a design system that enforces consistent communication

  5. Meet predefined business objectives including revenue milestones


We began our process through user research and competitive analysis. We gathered key insights about John’s target audience (sales reps at growing companies) and went beyond basic demographics to develop detailed personas. We then analyzed the competitive landscape to understand how John’s solutions compared with his top competitors. These exercises informed our decision making as we embarked on the initial design & content work.



Building on our research, we went through an extensive ideation process that began with user flows and wireframes. These cycles led to a set of carefully crafted high-fidelity prototypes that we presented to stakeholders (including actual users) and continued to iterate on. Here is an example of the type of detailed design presentation I walked the team through. You can see the scope of this process in the video below, which flips through the many prototype iterations we went through.


Final Deliverables


The year after our launch proved to be one of the most productive for JBarrows as a company. There were immediate increases in all major marketing KPIs (traffic, conversions, social reach), which lead to an increase in revenue and a set of entirely new business opportunities. Our year-long marketing sprint provided the foundation needed to invest in additional products and partnerships to meet an aggressive growth agenda at JBarrows.