We live in a world of designers. Ordinary people are exercising design skills every day, using their phones to create images and videos and designing their personal brands through social media. This growing omnipresence of design should inspire us as professionals. Let's raise the stakes.

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg


My journey into the creative and tech industry began in 2009 after I graduated from the College of Communications at Boston University. At the time, I set out to find work in new media and political communications, but it didn't take long for me to realize that my true passions aligned with artists, designers, and developers -- a different breed than the public relations people I went to school with. I went off to become a professional designer and I haven't looked back since.

These days I am working as the Creative Director at WhatArmy and loving every minute of it. WhatArmy offers simple solutions for web help, tasks, and projects. We're not the biggest agency on the block... but perhaps the scrappiest. Back in 2011 Chris Merrill hired me as WhatArmy's first employee and I was fortunate enough to help grow our startup from the ground up.

The creative industry is a restless entity that is constantly evolving. Whatever corner you find yourself in, there are new tools, processes, products, and applications changing the way we exercise our skills on a daily basis. You can spend a year learning a piece of design software only to find out that its methods have become ancient a year or two later. This can be overwhelming at times, but it is what I love most about my job. What it really points out is that the modern creative must, by nature, be a continual learner. We are all innovators, and innovation doesn’t sleep. That's probably why I can never get to bed on time.